An Intact Man's View of Circumcision

by NuttyProfessor

Note: The views expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of

Left as nature intended, a man would never willingly part with something as normal, healthy, sensitive and functional as the foreskin.

Imagine, if you will, that you are an intact man. You have your whole body, all of it in perfect working order. You've had no problem with your penis and neither have your two brothers or your father. It is the most sensitive part of your body. It is totally normal -- not smelly, not weird. You've never had a woman complain about it. You've never heard a man complain about his own penis.

Then you are married to a wonderful woman and she is pregnant with your son. You are at what is probably one of the last doctor's appointments before she gives birth and are going over all of the hospital stuff. Suddenly the nurse asks you, "Do you want your son circumcised?" And you're searching in your head to even figure out what that entails. Once you get your mental image, you look at the nurse like, "Are you nuts?" and are speechless but your wife says, "I don't know, can we get back with you on that one?"

So on the way home, you finally get up the nerve to ask your wife why she would even entertain the idea of circumcision. She tells you that she doesn't know but everyone does it, so there must be a reason. Being that you've grown up in a place where no one is circumcised, you don't even know how it's done and what's removed, let alone why it's done. So you decide to call your best friend. He's a pediatric surgeon, surely he will know what is up with this circumcision thing. The conversation goes something like this.

You ask him to tell you about circumcision and he says, "First, the doctor will strap your naked infant onto a special table. Then he may or may not give your child an injected anesthetic. There's also a chance that the anesthetic won't be strong enough, this usually happens during the clamping part. An infant's foreskin is attached to the glans, so first the doctor will force a probe between the two and lift up on the foreskin to separate it fully from the glans. Then the doctor makes a downward incision on the underside of the penis, to open up the foreskin because the end is so narrow it won't fit the clamp. Then the doctor will apply a metal clamp like a ring around the foreskin and he will tighten it. The baby has to wear the clamp from 2 to 5 minutes until the blood supply is choked off. Then the doctor will cut the end off of the foreskin and usually remove the frenulum if it's dangling there."

Think about this --- probes, clamps and no anesthesia? Or anesthesia that isn't effective during the worst part? And to remove the frenulum (the most sensitive part of the penis) simply because it might be dangling? At this point aren't you trying hard to figure this out because surely it must seem like torture. So you ask him, where do you cut it? Because you see, you just cannot understand what is removed. It seems to you that your foreskin is such an integral part that you cannot even imagine quite how this works.

So he says to you, "Picture putting a ring over your glans, but under your foreskin. Now push it back as far as it will comfortably go. That is where we clamp it from the underside of the foreskin and there will also be a ring on the outer side. They crush together and everything forward of the ring is removed."

Now you're thinking, that's a lot of skin. All of the inner foreskin would be gone. And your frenulum, too. How on earth would you accommodate an erection? You don't even understand how that works. If all that skin is necessary for your erection, how do circumcised men do it? And why would they want to part with the most sensitive parts of their penis?