It's Twins! Twice as Much Stuff?

by Staff

As any mother of multiples will tell you, it's more than twice the work. Expectant mothers of multiples want to know whether it has to be more than twice the gear. The answer, from our very own mothers of multiples, is that it doesn't have to be. You don't really need two of everything, just enough of all the right things.

Here is a list of what our mothers of multiples say you need in order to be prepared for twins or more!

  1. Lots of help for the first month. And support. Twins can be very overwhelming in the beginning and the best thing you can stock up on is promises of assistance. If you can, work out a schedule among friends, family, and neighbors so that you know when you can count on an extra pair of hands in those first early months!
  2. Swing or bouncer Be sure to have at least one. This will help you to keep one child entertained while you feed/change/interact with the other.
  3. A twin breastfeeding pillow If you are breastfeeding, one can be very helpful! Talk to your lactation consultant about breastfeeding mulitples and be sure you let her know you'd like lots of help in the hospital.
  4. Receiving blankets These handy thin cotton wraps are great for swaddling, for covering a baby on the changing table, or for use as a burp cloth or wash cloth. They are versatile, washable, and indispensable so get a bunch!
  5. Plenty of diapers That's one thing you don't want to run out of. Get a few in the newborn sizes, and be sure to have lots in the older sizes.
  6. Two carseats/carriers Some mothers recommend convertible car seats as a way to save the expense of the carriers, but our mothers of multiples don't recommend it! Multiples are usually smaller than most babies, so they don't fit in the large convertibles as well. What's more, it's almost impossible to carry two babies at once, while fussing with seat straps. Carriers are super-convenient and keep the kids in one place, door-to-door!
  7. A double stroller Here's one place where you do have to have two. A double stroller that accommodates carriers will serve you for many months, making walks and trips to (wide-aisled!) stores possible.
  8. A pack'n'play Some form of play yard is a great thing to have as a quick way to put one baby down some place safe while you take care of something for the other baby. Our mothers of multiples say that two play yards are not necessary.
  9. An infant tub You'll only bathe one child at a time, so you only need one of these.
  10. A support group! Most communities have twins clubs. This is a quick way to join a community of people who get it, and who know how to help you. Later, this community will help your twins find others who share their bond.
  11. A wholesale shopping club membership Sure, most parents can probably benefit from the savings on diapers and supplies, but the parents of multiples doubly so! Some of these stores even have generic name supplies and formulas. If you choose not to breastfeed, check with your doctor about whether any of these generics are suitable.

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