Jill's PPD Story

Truthfully, I probably shouldn't have stopped, because there have been several times since where I have felt those familiar feelings again. I'm learning to recognize them, and am learning what to do about it. Many times it's because I'm tired, but mostly it's because I haven't taken care of my needs for a while.

I am learning to take time for myself and to get out of the house and do something enjoyable. If it means I go somewhere every night as soon as my husband gets home, that's what I do. I write in a journal and list 3 things I'm grateful for. Sometimes I'm just grateful for making a doctor appointment because I had adult interaction!

That has been the biggest lesson for me. My daughter needs a happy Mom, and I need to do whatever it takes to give that to her. It's hard, and some days are really tough, but each day is a new day and things are getting better.

Jill Hussong
Mom to Erin, born 6-27-00

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