A Job That Is Easy to Love

by Krystal Hamblin

Most of us have jobs, in one setting or another. Likely we've experienced something in life that left us thinking, "I wouldn't want to do that for a living!" Or maybe you've considered doing a job but you said to yourself, "That's just too hard!"

Most of us look for certain things we want in a job. Some perks we search for include stability, benefits and all the things that make up job security. How much we are willing to put into the job may be another key factor in the decision making process. Will there be challenges? Will the rewards outweigh the ups and downs? Those are just a few things we question. There must be that perfect balance.

As a mother of two I look at the role of being a parent as a top priority. Not only is it something I have to do, it is a job I graciously accept. Parenting doesn't require a slick interview or spotless wardrobe. It's actually the contrary in some cases! Unless you consider applesauce and mushed peas as slick attire!

Is parenting challenging? Of course. The hours are long, there's no vacation, there are no monetary rewards, you actually invest, and you don't get sick days. This is a full time job whether you have a job outside the home or not because your heart is always with your children. Those of us that still have young children have only just begun this journey.

Regardless of the challenges, it's a job that's easy to love! The benefits are out of this world! The hours are full of hugs and kisses and you see everything you put into it. When challenges turn into rewards right before your eyes you experience an overwhelming sense of relief, a lot like a vacation! You don't need a pay check when love and appreciation are written out in smiles and twinkly eyes. If you're sick, outstretched arms and soft kisses will make you feel better. Even if it's for a second, the memories are forever.

You accept any assignment without thinking twice and you can wear many different hats, sometimes all at once! You're everything as a parent; a teacher, a counselor, a doctor, an organizer, an accountant, a dietician, a body guard, a coach, but most of all, you're a friend for life. You will always be there for your children, even when they are grown. Your heart will never let you quit this job.

When you work double time, you aren't looking at the clock. When you are covered in the menu for the day, you keep going without thinking of the new decor on your outfit. When you are getting everyone ready, you realize that you'll be lucky if your clothes are completely on, much less have your shoes on the right feet, or on at all! However, you gleam because your children are picture perfect!

Parenting is not just a job, it's an amazing gift! I know that I will never experience anything as rewarding. There aren't any benefits that can outweigh knowing what it's like to be MOM. No matter where I'm at or what I'm doing, my heart is on the never-ending clock. I will never punch out, nor would I want to. This job is an ongoing assignment that I gratefully accept.

Krystal Hamblin is a writer and a teacher and minister of music from Southwest VA. She is also a wife and a mother of two girls and a boy, which she calls her monumental blessings in her, "Mommy Moments" column titled, "M & M's With Krystal, Mother of Three Monumental Blessings." Having a passion for music and writing, Krystal thoroughly enjoys combining the two arts. To her, life will always be a symphony unfolding one note at a time.

Copyright © Krystal Hamblin. Permission to republish granted to Pregnancy.org, LLC.