Keeping Yourself Distracted and Passing the Time

Your due date is actually plus or minus two weeks. I was so miserable at the end of my pregnancy that two weeks before my due date, I decided to go on a brisk walk to try to bring on contractions. I wanted that baby out!

I went for a long walk in my neighborhood with my dog. My neighbors must have thought I was crazy, this big pregnant woman ready to burst, huffing and puffing, walking a tiny little dog. I trekked up a long hil and all the way back home, never feeling a single twinge.

Unfortunately, it did nothing to speed my labor along and my baby arrived two weeks later, on her due date.

- Sharonne N hayes, MD, a mom of two and the director of the Women's Heart Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

My son was a little overbaked; he was born a little late. During that last week, I really wanted my pregnancy to be over. I had my suitcase packed and I was ready to go. Every day I woke wondering, "Is today the day?"

The last few days of pregnancy are hard. I was excited, but I was also very tired. I was so ready to go into labor. I had so much apprehension about the delivery and becoming a mother.

I tried to distract myself by taking long walks. That really helped me. I kept telling myself, "Just keep on walking, and it will happen."

- Elissa Charbonneau, DO, a mom of an 18-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter and the medical director of the New England Rehabilitation Hospital in Portland, ME

Excerpted from The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

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