Kelly Clarkson puts an end to pregnancy rumors

by Melissa D. Jaramillo

When you're a pop star who's constantly singing on the road, you likely have little time to think about pregnancy. However, rumors recently started floating around that Kelly Clarkson was expecting her first child with fiance Brandon Blackstock.

To clear up the allegations that she was experiencing first trimester symptoms and anticipating motherhood, Clarkson went to her Twitter account, according to Us Weekly magazine. On there, she stated that the rumors were true that she's getting married in the near future to Blackstock. However, she also said that she's not pregnant, despite what the media has been reporting.

"FYI ... Brandon & I are getting married & no I am not pregnant," Clarkson wrote on Twitter. "We are eloping for one reason only. We both want an intimate ceremony."

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Clarkson expressed her recent stress pertaining to her upcoming wedding. She and Blackstock finally decided to elope after months of being engaged in order to avoid the hassle of planning an elaborate wedding. Clarkson has been touring and preparing her Christmas album. As for motherhood, she said that she's completely content with being a stepmother to the children Blackstock has from a previous marriage.

"I have a 12-year-old and a 6-year-old now ... after being single for six years!" Clarkson told Seacrest. "We all live together and everything ... it's so different, but it's perfect. They're awesome and I actually really dig the mom thing ... I am quick to go, 'I told you not to touch that!' ... I am totally my mom. My mom was a hard mom."

What should you expect in the first trimester?
Clarkson might not be going through the trials and tribulations of the first trimester, but you may be! That being said, there are a few things to be mindful of during this special time in your pregnancy.

First, nausea and fatigue are more likely to become the norm as your body adjusts to pregnancy. You might also start to feel unusual food cravings! Talk to your doctor if you want more insight into how your body will be changing in the coming weeks. The first trimester also gives you a chance to consider various prenatal tests for your baby.

How have you adjusted to the pregnancy calendar in the past? Do you know what to expect in the first trimester? Leave your feedback in the comments section!