Kids share stuff on National Regifting Day

by Julie Snyder

regiftingIt's happened to all of us at some point, including the kids. They receive a present that they won't use or a garment that doesn't quite fit. What do you do now? Stash it in a closet? Take it back to the store? Toss it in the trash? How about regifting it?

National Regifting Day occurs every third Thursday of December. An unofficial survey discovered that day hosts the most office parties -- a common source of unwanted gifts. It's only fitting that date addresses the issue of regifting.

Do you think regifting is tacky or just plain thoughtless? That may have been true years ago but society's attitude is changing. According to a Consumer Reports holiday poll, one in three people regift. With our unstable economy, there's never been a better time to support the trend.

Here's an observance that revolves around sharing. Go through the toy box and closet with your child and allow someone else to enjoy their gently used items. The joy in giving is well worth the time investment.

Sharing is caring -- generosity is golden

Regift items that didn't really work for your child like the sweater that didn't go with anything, the cute chair you couldn't find a place for or the toy that just doesn't keep your child's interest.

Regifting rules

1. Give a gift that's in great condition. That video game your child has barely touched could be perfect for a younger cousin.

2. Put some thought behind the gift. Don't hastily grab any old thing on your way out the door. Help your child think about their friend and what they'd like. Every play date, Jayden heads for the roll-up keyboard that your child has never enjoyed. Suggest that as a nice present.

3. Keep track of who gave you the gift you're regifting. You want to avoid a slip up like someone unwrap a gift only to find it's something they picked out for your child first.

4. Re-wrap your gifts. Use fresh, holiday-appropriate paper on your gift. Kids may enjoy stamping or drawing out their own wrapping paper.

How about bring regifting out of the closet. Celebrate with a party and turn your gift exchange into a regifting event.

Have you stashed and forgotten a few items this year? Will you be regifting any of those?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.