Kristen Bell says her voice dropped while pregnant

by Missy Jaramillo
There are many pregnancysymptoms that you're bound to experience while you're expecting. Some of these include nausea, fatigue and swollen joints, all of which can hinder your daily activities. However, there are some symptoms that women experience that others miss completely. For instance, not everyone has the enlarged lips that Kim Kardashian did during her pregnancy!

Now, actress Kristen Bell has opened up about some of the unusual symptoms that she had while she was expecting her daughter, Lincoln. One of the strangest occurrences pertained to her voice - Bell claimed that her voice dropped a few tones leading up to the delivery of her baby.

"The pregnancy did change my voice. It made it deeper," Bell told People magazine. "There were more womanly tones when I did one recording while I was extremely pregnant. After I had the baby, I had to go back and re-record those lines so they matched. There was something different about my voice."

However, Bell isn't a unique case - many women have unexplained symptoms that aren't always considered to be common signs of pregnancy. For example, some females may experience an enhanced sense of smell or more fatigue than fellow expectant mothers. The most obvious cause of these symptoms is a change in hormones throughout the body, but there's still much to be discovered about pregnancy and how it works!

Third trimester symptoms

We all know about first trimester symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue, but what about the third trimester, when the baby is on his or her way? Some of the key symptoms of the last trimester include back pain, continuous hunger, shortness of breath and heartburn. However, you can combat these issues by making small changes to your lifestyle.

For instance, consider taking naps throughout the day to maintain your energy level. It's also a good idea to eat a series of small meals rather than two or three large ones - this can ensure that you're never too hungry or putting on excess weight through munching. Finally, don't hesitate to contact your doctor about any concerns you have along the way. He or she can help you adjust to the final few months of your pregnancy and prepare for labor.

How did you endure the final trimester of your pregnancy? Did you have any unusual symptoms? Leave your feedback in the comments section!