Laboring at Home

by Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt

parents at home before birth of babyConsider staying home for most of your labor. You'll be more relaxed in the comfort of your familiar surroundings and will be able to employ your hypnosis techniques much better in your own, quiet surroundings, and as long as there are no danger signs (or prior high risk factors), laboring at home is most conducive to a natural birth, as fewer unnecessary interventions will take place.

Danger Signs

  1. Red, dripping blood (sorry): Some bleeding is normal, but if it runs down your leg you will want to go in and be checked
  2. Meconium stained amniotic fluid, if membranes have released: This can be normal, but needs to be checked
  3. Temperature over 100
  4. Any sharp, stabbing pain in the abdomen
  5. Signs of high blood pressure or toxemia such as sudden or severe swelling of your face, hands and feet, dizziness, headaches, changes in your vision (such as blurring or seeing spots)
  6. Sudden and severe vomiting
  7. Any change in fetal movements
  8. Foul-smelling vaginal discharge

When to Go to the Place of Birth

Most first time hypnomoms choose to go when their surges are between 4-5 minutes apart, lasting over 60 seconds long, and have been that way for an hour or more. Second time (and above) moms usually go when theirs are 5-6 minutes apart. Remember: Getting to the hospital earlier does not mean you will get the baby any sooner!

Take pillows from home with you to the birth place, and anything that will make you feel more comfortable -- aromatherapy scents, Birth Ball, etc.

Be aware that most hypnomothers arrive at their place of birth *not* looking or sounding at all like most laboring women. Most are listening to a tape with headphones on, and are perfectly calm, so they might not think you are even in labor! This happens a lot with home births and birth center births also, as the midwife is very used to hearing moaning and other loud noises coming from the laboring mom, over the phone before she will come to the birthing. You may have to convince her to come!

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