Lactation Suppression

There are also books and support organizations for mothers who have experienced the loss of a child. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart : Surviving the Death of Your Baby is one of the best. Support organizations include SHARE (618-234-2415) and Compassionate Friends (312-990-00100).

A grieving mother once wrote:

"I have lost my child and a hole has been ripped in the universe. Neither I, nor the universe can be the same. We shall mourn our losses together."

This will be the most devastating thing you will ever experience. I encourage you to seek support from others who have experienced the same loss. Please contact me if there is any way I can help during the difficult process of weaning after the loss of your child.

Anne SmithAnne Smith, IBCLC has breastfed a total of six children (three boys, three girls). She feels that her first hand experience plus her more than twenty years experience of counseling nursing mothers are among her most important credentials. Anne has been a La Leche Leader since 1978 and IBCLC since 1990. As a nursing mother, LLL Leader, and IBCLC, Anne has worked in many areas over the years. She has led support group meetings, taught breastfeeding classes, trained breastfeeding peer counselors to work with low income mothers, worked one-on-one with mothers to solve breastfeeding problems, helped thousands of mothers with breastfeeding questions over the phone, held workshops for health professionals on various breastfeeding topics, taught OB, Pediatric, and Family Practice Residents breastfeeding at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, and run a breast pump rental station with over 100 pumps, scales, and nursing bras for the past eleven years. We invite you to visit Anne's website.

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