Let your Halloween costume announce your pregnancy!

by Julie Snyder

Pregnant HalloweenSome couples hatch elaborate and creative plans to announce their pregnancy to the world.

What better opportunity than Halloween to put that creativity to work! We know that the perfect costume is out there -- just waiting to shout the news for you without you having to utter a single word!

Whether your style is cute, funny, or even a bit on the macabre side, we have you covered! Explore our options and jumpstart that ingenuity now!

Spread the word with your Halloween costume

It's in the bones

Start with an over-sized black shirt, black pants and black gloves
Sew on white craft foam bones for mom and baby or paint them in place with white craft paint.

Do your know the gender? Add a pink hair bow or a blue socks.

100 percent natural preggo

Dress as a bottle of spaghetti sauce (Prego™ is a good choice). Add your due date to the jar in place of the expiration date. The whole family can join the fun -- as spaghetti and meatballs.

What's under that shirt?

Stretch a tight t-shirt over a "baby" made from batting or an actually tiny doll. You'll probably want to mount the doll on cardboard so it's more comfortable.

Breaking through for goodies: Go ahead and sacrifice on of your old t-shirts. Cut small slits for the doll's arm and leg. Hang a tiny pumpkin treat bag on the baby's hand.

On the shirt

Lil' peanut: Decorate your t-shirt with peanut applique. If you have a small child, they could wear an elephant or monkey costume.

Bump coming soon: Paint an yellow "bump ahead" road sign on your t-shirt. See how long it takes for your friends to guess the news!

Library shelf filled with books like "What to Expect when You're Expecting" and other pregnancy or baby books.

Kangaroo and pouch:

Don a kangaroo costume, but leave the pouch empty. When asked, announce that the little one isn't big enough to peek out yet. Do you have an older child? They might enjoy dressing up as "little Joey #1."

I'm going to be a mummy!

Wrap up with gauze and announce, "I'm going to be a mummy." of course you'll want to wrap the top and bottom separately to accommodate those extra first trimester bathroom breaks.

Announcing more than one baby

Nursery rhymes: Do your friends and family remember their nursery rhymes? If so, be the old lady who lived in a shoe. It shouldn't take long for the questions and congratulations to pour in.

From the garden: You could be a pea pod with two or three or more green "peas" for your belly.

Bun in the oven

Decorate a big cardboard box like an oven. Cut the front so it can open. Wear a black shirt and tape a picture of a roll inside the oven. bump. Add "bake until ...your due date..." or let the timer announce the babe's arrival.

Baby on board

Dress up like a smart car or your favorite model. Add a baby on board sign.

Obviously...a pregnant woman

Simple and straightforward: Dress up with a fake pregnant belly. That will be nice and direct, yet may stump your friend for a bit.

The stork arrives: Mom-to-be comes as an overly pregnant lady. Dad dresses up as a stork with a baby in a blanket hanging around his neck.

Ideas from the dads

Morning sickness, anyone?
Make a fake toilet that precedes her so she can throw up in it at regular intervals. That's what I remember from the first couple months my wife was pregnant!" Dan shares.

Aliens! Strap an alien "chestburster" with an appropriate amount of fake blood. She can regale party-goers with the tale of how she became impregnated by an horrific beast. Of course, given the location of the uterus, it would have to be an "abdomen-burster."

Will your pregnant self be sporting a costume this year? Let us know!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.