Kid's Activity: Let's Have Fun With Noodles!

by Carol Jordan

What better way to celebrate National Noodle Month than by exploring all that the wonderful world of pasta has to offer! While your favorite noodle casserole is baking, check out these fun activities. They are certain to get your family into the spirit of the season as we celebrate NOODLES!

An ocean scene
Use colored shell noodles to create an ocean floor scene. Glue on gold fish crackers to complete the picture! For more of a challenge, cut the centers from two paper plates. Cover the hole with plastic wrap from the front of one plate and the back of the other. Make construction paper seaweed. Place on paper plate with several gold fish crackers. Sandwich gold fish by gluing the two paper plates together. Use colored shell noodles to create the ocean floor.

Noodle picture frame
Cut the center from a small paper plate and glue different shaped noodles around the edges of the "donut" that is left. When dry spray paint the plate and noodles in your choice of shades of or gold or silver metallic paint. Attach a photo on the back so that the face is showing through the opening of the frame. Hot glue a string or light-weight craft wire to the back to create a hanger for the frame.

Make a skeleton
Use noodles of different shapes and sizes to create a skeleton while you talk to your child about dinosaurs (or even the human body). The elbow noodles make great arms, while twisty noodles make wonderful spines!

Noodle angel
Paint a large shell noodle white (or brown) and draw eyes and a mouth with permanent markers (fine tipped work best). Should your little angel not like being bald, hair can be added at this point by hot gluing a very small amount of angel hair pasta to the top of the shell. Paint a wagon wheel noodle and a manicotti noodle with gold or silver paint; hot glue the shell noodle onto one end of the manicotti noodle and the wagon wheel to the top of the shell noodle. To add wings to your little angel, paint a large bow tie pasta white, silver or gold and hot glue it to the back of the manicotti noodle.

Noodle necklace
No noodle craft page is complete without necklace instructions! Place a handful of straight noodles in a baggie, add a few drops of food coloring and a capful of alcohol*; shake until coated. Repeat with a couple other colors. Allow noodles to dry. Depending on the age of your child, use a shoe lace, yarn and darning needle or thread/string stiffened with bees wax as string. Cut a piece about two inches longer than desired finished necklace, string noodles and tie ends together.

*(This same dying process can be used with any type of noodle and for any project in which colored noodles are desired.)

Carol Jordan is the mom of two and accredited in Texas as a preschool director. She began teaching preschool in 1994 and have worked with all age groups of children from infants up through school aged children with her main focus and experience being with children between the ages of two and five years old.

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