Kid's Activity: Let's Make a Dress-up Box!

by Melissa Jaramillo and Julie Snyder

Dress up is one of the simplest activities and it often can be overlooked! Take advantage of your child's gifts of imagination. Who does he want "to be" today?
Assemble a dress up box for your child. Include items such as:

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Old bathrobes
  • Discarded adult clothing (dresses, shirts, suit coats, etc.)

Don't forget things like old blankets that can be turned into a magic cape, a king's robe, or even a toga! Keep your eyes open at yard sales, grandma's attic, or even your local Goodwill Store for more unique items. (Be certain to launder everything before allowing your child to use.)

Add the finishing touches with:

  • Costume jewelry
  • Homemade "magic wands"
  • Crowns
  • Purses
  • Shoes

Whether your child chooses to "become" an imaginary superhero, a historic figure, or perhaps pretends to be you -- sit back and enjoy. Imagination unlocks the door to creativity and fun!

Julie Snyder is a mom of six, interested in kids, pregnancy, birth, people and lives in the outlying Seattle area. Melissa Jaramillo is mom to many. She's passionate about building, encouraging, and strengthening families on this adventure known as parenthood!

Copyright © Melissa Jaramillo and Julie Snyder. Permission to republish granted to, LLC.