Mason's Birth Story

by Kelly Anders

We were scheduled for induction on Wednesday, June 16 at 6 a.m. We got there and all checked in and hooked up to the monitors and IV for the pitocin. The nurses were told to start the pitocin when I got there, but they wouldn't because Mason's heart rate was pretty high. It would go anywhere from 140's to the 180's. So they waited for my doctor to get there. He arrived and OK'd the pitocin to be started with close monitoring.

The pitocin was started at 8:10 a.m. and shortly after the doctor came back and broke my water. Talk about a nasty feeling! I had enough fluid for me and at least 2 other ladies. YUCK! So, the contractions started fairly quick. Nothing too bad, but, I was definitely having some. They kept checking me and I finally got to 3 cm., but just wasn't progressing any further. And I was starting to get into some real pain. Around noon, I was having strong contractions -- 2 at a time around 1-2 minutes apart. But still no more dilation. The doctor offered me the epidural, but also warned that it may slow my labor down so I opted to wait.

By 2 p.m., I was dying. My dad and Shannon talked me into just going ahead and getting the epidural. The anesthesiologist was called and it seemed like it took an eternity for him to get there. But bless his heart, you could tell he ran from where ever he had been. I was bent over leaning on the nurse and he waited for the current contraction to be over and then put the IV in. He was still working on me when I was having another and I gotta tell you -- that sucked! To have to be THAT still while having a contraction was horrible! But after getting the epidural, I had two real hard contractions and then it kicked in. God bless the inventor of the epidural! I fell asleep for about an hour and a half.

When I woke up, the nurse came in and checked me. I was still at 3 cm. She asked me if I had ever had surgery or anything because she felt some scarring or something. I told her I had the LEEP procedure done a few years back and she called the doctor. My doctor came in and said he was going to break up the scar tissue in hopes that it would help me progress some.

Mason's heart rate was rocketing, and the doctor put me on oxygen and put the monitor thing in Mason's head as well as some contraption to let him know how hard my contractions were. About an hour later checked me again and sure enough, I was at 7 cm. By 8:20 or so, I was at 9 cm and then very quickly I was complete and started pushing.

It was so tough. I kept having coughing fits and then that stupid oxygen thing on my face. I was sweating to death. Shannon and I played tug of war with a sheet and that helped with my pushing. It was hard to push when my lower body was as good as dead. But the epidural was wearing off and that helped to push some towards the end. Shannon and my step mom were so frustrated. They said I would have Mason's head right there and then quit pushing and it would go back. I did this like 3 times. But finally I just got focused and knew that I had to get him out. It hurt so bad and I was so tired. I found out that I am very vocal -- a screamer -- oops!. LOL! And, oh, the mouth on me... I coulda made a sailor blush! Shannon laughed later because all I could say to the doctor was "Get this baby out!!" I didn't think I could do it but apparently, I could.

I got the head out, and the doctor said, "OK, little push," so I got the shoulders out, and again another little push and the doctor thought Mason's body would be out. But it took two more, since Mason was so long. It was actually kinda funny. It was like he just kept coming. 23 inches takes a little extra to get out.

Shannon cut the cord and they put Mason on my chest for a minute and then took him for his check. They were concerned about his temperature and let me have him to feed real quick before taking him to try to get him under control. Poor Shannon was freaking out because the doctor made a big point to make sure that the pediatrician was there as soon as the baby was born -- there was something wrong with Mason but no one was saying what. They had us scared to death! Fortunately, after his bath and stuff, his temperature went down and all was well. Thank goodness, it was unnerving because no one was telling us anything.