Maternity Jeans: Find Your Best Fit

It's all about jeans when you're pregnant. Every time you step out of the house, whether you're going to the grocery store, visiting a friend or a casual dinner with your spouse, 10 to 1 you will be wearing jeans.

Amazing how the same pair of jeans can be worn so many different ways! You can do anything from heels to flip-flops, depending on how dressed up you need to be. Maternity jeans are like your sweat pants except you can't wear your sweats to dinner.

Since you'll wear maternity jeans throughout your entire pregnancy, not only should your jeans be cute but they should meet the pregnancy guidelines. It's pretty simple: They must look amazing, and they have to make a heroic effort to fight PPB (pregnancy plumber's butt), although let's face it -- in the last month all bets are off.

To find the best comfort you have to decide what type of band you like best. Many of our trendiest moms prefer these three types of bands: no band, below the belly, and mid-belly.

  • No Band: Designed to flatter your curves, Habitual Maternity Jeans are famous for the no band feature. These jeans are seen on countless celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes. They have a very low-rise underbelly fit with a button and zip-fly, so they look like your favorite non-prego jeans.

    An adjustable button-out waistband allows you to wear these jeans at any point during your pregnancy and beyond. These are a perfect transition jean, too. Don’t tell anyone but I wear these when I am bloated.

  • Below the Belly: If you prefer a little extra belly support then you will not want to pass up on these hot Maternal America Maternity Jeans. A 3-inch smooth elastic waist band provides an easy fit and comfortable support throughout pregnancy and in the transition period after.

    When wearing a top that covers the band you won’t be able to tell they're maternity so don't be afraid to wear these for a long as you want after the baby.

  • Mid-Belly: Want fashion and convenience then Mama Black Maternity Jeans are perfect for you. On days when you need the extra support then just roll the band up and on days when you want to show a little skin then just fold it down. They are so comfortable and stretchy you’ll forget you’re wearing jeans.

Flattering jeans are hard enough to find when you're not pregnant! If you find a pair of jeans that you like but you feel they're a bit pricey, think about how often you'll wear them during your pregnancy and after. The better your jeans fit the more you'll wear them and chances are for a longer period of time. Don't hate the jeans you wear, love them!

Savannah Hernandez and Tabatha Jones, founders of Mommy Appelseed Maternity Clothing, grew up together and have remained close friends ever since. They came up with the idea of starting an online maternity clothes boutique while discussing their decisions to expand our families. Remembering the dull maternity fashions during their first pregnancies compelled them to open an maternity clothes boutique that offered comfortable, sexy maternity clothes without sacrificing style.

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