Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website

by Melissa Jaramillo

moms helping momsA big part of the inspiration behind our website is the driving force to provide women a community with "hometown" and real appeal.

Our community is where our moms turn to one another for advice, to commiserate with one another; to vent, laugh, cry, and rejoice together. Some days are be better than others, but our moms can always rely on the fact that their fellow moms and moms-to-be are there for them.

Our community offers the bonds of understanding and has created an amazing "sisterhood."

Looking back at the feedback from our members over the years, our community has blossomed not only into a vibrant and supportive "sisterhood," but a place where women can feel like they're part of something bigger, important and vital.

See how our moms support one another at!

Moms supporting moms

"My husband's in the United States Air Force. We live far, far away from family. As we starting our baby journey, I don't know what I'd do without my friends," Sandy says.

"Thanks, ladies! If it weren't for charting, I wouldn't be pregnant right now. I just introduced a friend to charting who has been trying for her second for close to a year. She had never heard of it!" Jessica shares.

"I was having a rough night and I came here to all the support on this thread for each other. I have to say, that that's why I stay around, because we all help each other through the rough spots -- hugs to you all," Bonnie explains.

Phyllis says, "I sincerely love the advice, including from those "lurking" with been there/done that experience! I needed someone that could understand and feel my pain and frustration at having a child that would NOT sleep! I knew I could count on my to help keep me sane, offer me tips that would work for our family, and above all, listen to my whine!"

Rachel shares, "I had been trying to conceive for over a year when I found At that time, I felt broken, like giving up. Here I met other women that 'got it.' They knew what it was like to go month after month waiting and hoping to no avail. While my TTC journey has not gone as planned, through my friends here onsite, I have grown to recognize that while my path may be different I will be no less a mom."

"I jumped on first thing this morning as I needed to see updates from my ladies! I can't get through the day without my daily stalk report! Seriously, who else but you all could understand this type of obsession over a stranger's pee?" Maria laughs.

Brianne says, "When my due date came and went, I knew I could count on you guys to keep me entertained and offer great (and shall we say some rather interesting) tips to jump start labor! It worked!"

"You ladies ROCK! That is all!" Chris shouts out.

We know that each of you has your own support story to share! Add your thoughts and stories in the comments. Give a "shout out" to your fellow members and let them know how much they mean to you!

We agree with Chris! You all ROCK!

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