Money Smart Summer -- Creating a Kid-Business

By Lisa McCarthy

money smart kidsKids are just like adults. When they really, really want something it can motivate them to do amazing things.

This summer, my daughter and her best friend have decided that there is something they wanted to buy together. Now, they won't tell "the adults" what it is, but at this point whatever is motivating them — is well worth it.

It all happened a few days ago on one of those lazy summer days when the girls had "nothing to do" and after the initial complaints of being bored were ignored.

Off they went to figure out a way to entertain themselves and thus "mystery project" was born! They have spent countless hours giggling and scheming about this 'kids' only top secret project.

After the scheming was done, they announced that this project was going to cost money to do and that they had put together a plan on how to make money this summer.

My daughter had never mentioned that she was willing to get a job if someone would hire her. Sounded like a great summer activity to us!

After some research, they decided being only 11, they were too young to get hired by a store or company. So, they put together a list of jobs they could do to make money. We told them their weekly chores were off limits and soon they came back with a "business plan" of money making activities.

Over the past few days we have watched them plan and execute a car washing service, a dog grooming service, and a manicure pedicure business.

They have learned they have to be competitive with what others charge for these services, they need supplies to do them, and you have to work hard to make a few bucks! They have even decided what is "not their skill set" like cleaning a sister's room or massaging daddy's feet.

So far it has been fun watching my daughter and her friend have so much fun and learn so much at the same time! I couldn't have planned a better money lesson myself — and the best part about it is they think it is fun!

Now as soon as I find out what all this money making is for I will let you know. But until then, I am enjoying watching the money smart lesson they created for themselves!

Lisa McCarthyLisa Laughton McCarthy is a mom with a passion! As the founder of MoneySmartKidz and author of "The Money Tree," Lisa, takes delight in finding fun creative ways to help show young children the value of financial independence! Her first book "The Money Tree," with its eye-catching illustrations, is the answer to every parent who wants to give their child a head start on the road to financial independence.

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