Morning Sickness: It's Not Easy Being Green!

I want you to know that even when you feel your worst, you are not alone: Someone else is subsisting on cheeseburgers, drinking warm Coke at 9 am, and barfing on the bus. And crying about it despite the undeniable joy of knowing a baby is on the way. Short of a cure for morning sickness, a cure not on the horizon, we might as well search for better ways to survive it. I believe that means turning to each other to share our trials, tribulations, and of course, all of our remarkable strengths.

Elizabeth Kaledin, author of The Morning Sickness Companion, is the medical correspondent for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather (watched by 7 million people every night). Prior to covering medical news, she was a general assignment reporter in CBS's Northeast bureau starting in 1996. She lives in New York City with her husband and children.

Excerpted from The Morning Sickness Companion.

Copyright © Elizabeth Kaledin. Permission to republish granted to, LLC.


Love it! Hate the thought of food, but all you want to do is eat! That sounds JUST like me. I feel like all I need to do is go open my mouth in the bathroom and ..I'd just puke all day.

Thank you so much for posting I thought I was the only one who felt like I was dying

A very well written article. Thanks. I was beginning to feel like I am getting the worst morning sickness ever. So uncomfortable, depressing and upsetting to be nauseous all day. I'm only 10 weeks and I'm fed up of the nausea.

Thank you for writing this. As I sat here on the couch, on the verge of tears, I needed to read that someone else had gone through the same thing I am going through.

Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.