Morning sickness secrets from around the world

by Mollee Bauer

pregnant woman holding small globeSuper psyched about your pregnancy? Not likely if you're hugging your toilet, like nearly 70 percent of all pregnant women around the world! We sent one of's editors into the field to gather remedies for beating morning sickness. Here's what she found out:

What do they do in Japan?
When treating morning sickness, few of us even think about "exercise." Paoli, a mom of two little boys from Burien, Washington says gently exercising during pregnancy makes you look and feel better. "In our family, ginger tea is a traditional pregnancy drink. I also practice yoga because it teaches breath control, stretching and relaxation. These ease fatigue and help me enjoy good health during pregnancy."

What are some remedies from Somalia?
If nausea and morning sickness has you on your knees, you might want to try ginger. The chemicals that give ginger it's zesty taste, gingerol and shogaol, reduce intestinal contractions and inhibit vomiting. One mom-to-be who recently arrived from Somalia says, "I am experiencing morning sickness right now. One way we try to feel better is adding fresh, grated ginger to our morning coffee."

What mystical solutions do they use in India?
Capsaicin, the stuff that makes hot peppers hot, is said to improve digestion. member, Sandy shares this family remedy from East India. "I made this recipe my mom gave me for morning sickness. Pour equal parts buttermilk and water in your blender. Add ½ teaspoon diced jalepenos and a small piece of fresh ginger. Blend until frothy. Chill 30 minutes and drink. It's so yummy! It's great for calcium and morning sickness!"

How do they roll in Jamaica?
Pregnant women in Jamaica use marijuana regularly, often as a tea or tonic, to relieve nausea, as well as to relieve stress and depression.

Sasha, an expectant accountant says, "In my country, women use ganja (marijuana) during pregnancy, especially for morning sickness. We're also encouraged to eat fresh fruit. I find a few bites of banana several times a day keeps nausea at bay."

[Editor's note: Melanie Dreher perform studied marijuana use in Jamaica among pregnant women and their babies. The results showed no negative impact on the children. The opinion of this individual does not reflect the opinion of We believe in putting all information out there. We do not condone the use of drugs.]

How do they solve morning sickness in Mexico?
Women around the world swear anise helps with heartburn and nausea. The seeds can be used to make a tea. Maria, a mom-to-be from Seattle shares, "I put a spoon of crushed Anise seeds in a cup and pour boiling water over it. After it sets a while, I sip it. My mother and sister in Mexico say it helps with nausea and it does."

Your pregnancy hormones peak at eight to nine weeks. Over the next few weeks most women's nausea will start to get better (we hope!). If you are still suffering from nausea, you could have a condition called "Hyperemesis." Learn more about Hyperemesis in this related article.

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