Morning Sickness: What to Pack for the Journey

Anything you can find to clear the taste out of your mouth and make you feel fresher will be helpful. And speaking of fresher, I also recommend that you carry along some wet wipes such as baby wipes or Handi Wipes. They often come in a little individually wrapped packets and smell clean and refreshing; cleaning your hands and face and rubbing one over the back of your neck will help restore you to humanity. If you can't stand any scents or fragrances at all, many wet wipes come unscented as well.

And don't forget to pack some of those travel packs of tissue. They are handy for a million reasons, not the least of which will be wiping the occasional tear away when you feel you can't take it anymore!

Finally, let me throw in one last self-serving suggestion to help you through these days. Throw in a copy of my book, The Morning Sickness Companion so you can read the chapter, "A Little Advice from the Experts," over and over again during moments of weakness. My hope is that the quotes and thoughts from fellow sufferers will be a big help, providing you with a dose of stamina, insight, humor, and patience with yourself: the most important things to have in your survival kit.

*Peanuts are one of the most severe allergens known. This allergy kills more people a year than bee stings. If there is a history of peanut allergies in either your family or your partner's family, it is wise to avoid peanut during pregnancy, never give young children under the age of three peanuts, and avoid all arachis oil based products, such as some skin creams used for dry nipples when breast feeding.

Elizabeth Kaledin, author of The Morning Sickness Companion, is the medical correspondent for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather (watched by 7 million people every night). Prior to covering medical news, she was a general assignment reporter in CBS's Northeast bureau starting in 1996. She lives in New York City with her husband and children.

Excerpted from The Morning Sickness Companion. All content copyrighted © Elizabeth Kaledin. Permission to republish granted to, LLC


When my sister got pregnant with her first child, she suffers with lot of morning sickness it lasted up it second trimester. Her OB-Gyne advice her to eat foods such as whole wheat bread or oatmeal.

Oh, if only I had read this BEFORE the morning sickness hit! This is my first pregnancy, and I eventually learned most of this the hard way, but this fore-warning would have come in handy. I ended up very discouraged at times and feeling like I just could not do it, and an article like this may have helped prevent that. Thankfully I'm almost 11 weeks now and I am starting to feel much better!