Most Hazardous Car Seats of 2011

Why aren't these harmful chemicals restricted from baby and kid products? Our data (since 2007) shows these chemicals are showing up in our food supplies, wildlife and our bodies. Regulation lags behind what we know about exposures and potential harm. On the other side, the market is moving way ahead of our testing. We're seeing improved car seat ranking and less that have brominate flame retardants. Overall companies are moving towards healthier and better products.

I just spent $300.00 on a car seat. Now I discover is on the worst 10 list. Is there anything I can do? Unfortunately, you haven't any legal recourse because the public safety commission doesn't regulate these chemicals in car seats or more broadly, in children products.

How can I fight for change? The fact you care and are asking questions is changing the way companies manufacture products. You're looking for companies featuring green products, ones that are healthy and sustainable. People are moving toward those products. Don't underestimate your power in the market.

Overall, car seats are improving. However, some companies continue to use more potentially hazardous chemicals such as brominate flame retardants in their products. These include Baby Trend, Recaro and Britax. To address this problem, we'll need to change how we regulate these products. Our recommendations encourage manufacturers to:

1. Phase out the chemicals we know are hazardous.
2. Disclose all chemical flame retardant ingredients in products.
3. Work to determine and use the healthiest ingredients and processes for all products.

About the Study

"Hazardous Flame Retardants and Chemical Additives Found in Over Half of 2011 Child Car Seats Tested" by Car seat were tested for chemicals, which include lead, bromine, chlorine (PVC), cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other metals, that have been linked to acute allergies and to long-term health impacts such as birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer. The results are posted at

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Is it wrong to be *pleased* to see the expensive seats on this list? More money does not always mean better quality!!!!