Most Popular Fertility Aids and Gadgets

by Courtney Sullivan

Most Popular Fertility GadgetsThe journey to getting pregnant comes easily for some folks. For many others, it involves at least a little forethought. Trying to conceive can -- and should be -- one of most exciting and enjoyable times between you and your partner!

Various tools and resources can help shorten the "trying" time it takes to get a positive pregancy result! Working as a team tracking "fertility details" aids in building your family tree, but increases the bond between you.

We've asked our members to share what their personal favorite gizmos, gadgets, and "other resources" are for getting pregnant. Trust us, this is one list that you won't want to miss!

Monitoring Fertility

Knowing when you're releasing an egg increases your chance of getting pregnant. Our members use fertility awareness methods ranging from basal body temperature charting to tracking ovulation with high tech gadgets.

Charting Your BBT: "You can use the BBT charting tool to get an idea whether and when you are ovulating. Then plan to have sperm in place a day or two before you'll release an egg." ~Cynthia, CNM

Know About Fertility: "My best advice is to get a copy of 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility.' It's a great book if you really want to know everything that is going on with your body." ~Christa

Fertility Monitors: "I have a fertility monitor and I love it. It helped me conceive my two kids our first month of trying. This time we're not getting pregnant as fast but it does always show me ovulation. I'm much more relaxed when I'm not trying to guess about my body, so that's great." ~Gina

"Time Outs"

Some couples find that trying month after month strains their relationship and definitely puts a "damper" on performance for both parties. Our members suggest introducing things to get you "in the mood" instead!

"At one point we felt like we had to 'make love' on a specific time schedule. It was hurting our ability to communicate as he felt used. I felt like he didn't care about having a baby. We broke free of that mode as he planned a spur of the moment night at a local motel. He picked me up from work and had roses and wine waiting in our room. It was one of the most romantic evenings ever. And that night our son was conceived!" ~Katie


We all know that taking a supplement containing folic acid should top a mom's list while getting pregnant. Some of our members found additional supplements helpful.

"My cycles are irregular. I tried two different fertility supplements. Both seemed to help my cycle smooth out and I noticed that my luteal phase increased by two days." ~Mary Anne

A Support Group

If you haven't shared that you're trying for a baby or if you're sharing "too" much, you might find a group of like-minded -- dare we say, obsessive -- friends your most valued fertility aid.

"I get my 'keep your though process from going there' intervention and my 'can you see a line' on my forum. These ladies who are going through the same things as me keep me sane. I'm pretty sure my family loves them, too." ~Leah

A Partner!

Let's face it -- generally it "takes two to tango" in the baby making process. Having your partner on board is important as he can then take on a role in the timing, positioning, and well -- shall we say -- enhancing the enjoyment factor?

"As my husband and I were actively trying to conceive, Let's just say he helped with "creativity!" He also took an active role in paying attention to particular signs of fertility,which upped our odds any given month. We both shared that awful two week wait by making the most of every opportunity! ~Shelly

Home Pregnancy Tests

Did you get a rush when you discovered that dollar stores sell pregnancy tests? You're in good company. Most women use two or more each month.

"I use the dollar store tests because they're so cheap and I can test more often. I got my positive at nine DPO with one. Then confirmed with a digital at 12 DPO." ~Amy

Need some help interpreting your test or moral support until you can take another? Join up with other hopeful moms-to-be on "Do You See a Line?" forum.

Have you discovered a must-have fertility aid during your journey to parenthood? Tell us about it!

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