"My" Pregnancy.org Anniversary: Our Members Share

by Pregnancy.org Staff

circle of womenAfter reflecting on the past ten years of Pregnancy.org's journey, we recognize that the true moments to celebrate are the join date anniversaries of our members! We've invited a few to look back and share what brought them to Pregnancy.org, and more importantly, what has kept them here! Here's what they had to say:

From Our Early Years 2001 to 2003

During this time, Pregnancy.org was in our "infant" to "toddler" stage. We were amazed at how swiftly word-of-mouth spread about our site. We knew we had hit the right niche as members were craving a site that was connected to the people it served - that talked with them and not at them.

Rebecca aka feelinfroggie: My Pregnancy.org anniversary date is September 2001 (maybe before that...I can't remember. It was before the site actually launched). I left the boards in 2005 and came back in 2007 while pregnant with my second daughter. I've been here with each of my pregnancies and have learned a lot! What keeps me here (or coming back) is the great sense of support and community.

Rachel aka rachelrazzle: I joined Pregnancy.org in January 2002 after getting my first positive pregnancy test. Ironically enough, I didn't feel very bonded on my birth board, September 2002, and left half way through my pregnancy. Once I had my daughter I wanted to see everyone else's baby and show off my own, so I came back. Now I am so very bonded to all those ladies. We've been friends for over nine years! I have met so many wonderful ladies through these boards. More than I few I've met in person. Many of my in-real-life friends know how much I talk about my online friends and what's going on in their lives. I love it here!

Julie aka julieanddanny: I joined March 2003 just days before our first big fat positive with our now almost eight-year-old girl. My husband actually joined searching for information as we'd already been trying for six months. Maybe joining was part of our good luck charm! Why still here? Look at the list of Birth boards -- I'm on November 2003, July 2005 and May 2010...need I say more?

Angel aka Angelshere: My anniversary date is July 2003. I was fresh out of high school and in a new relationship. I became pregnant and was part of the March 2004 board though I didn't stay due to a loss. Life was throwing me curveballs and Pregnancy.org gave me somewhere to turn. Through two losses, domestic violence and a divorce, there was always someone to help, even if just with a smiley. I ventured away for a while but still lurked until 2008 when I became pregnant again and joined the November 2009 mommies! They are great support and honestly we talk about EVERYTHING! Thanks, Pregnancy.org, for giving us the chance to bond and know one another.

During the Middle Years 2004 to 2007

Like curious preschoolers, we explored various avenues staying firm in our mission to educate, empower, and inspire one another to be the best parents/parents-to-be possible! We enjoyed our members continued contributions to achieving our goals!

HorseMomma: My join date was June 2004. I was curious about getting pregnant...and didn't want to ask any friends. I felt very comfortable here and thought the advice I received was AWESOME! Now I check in every day! I love Pregnancy.org!

momaof2boys: October 2005. I joined after having my second son in July. I was just sitting at work looking for stuff about newborns when I came across this site. I've been here since and have two more children. I've made wonderful friends and always know that I can come here for any advice I need, to vent or just for fun.