"My" Pregnancy.org Anniversary: Our Members Share

pico83: September 2006 is my Pregnancy.org anniversary -- five years this month! My husband and I had gotten married, settled into our first apartment and he had started grad school. I wanted a baby right away, but he wanted to wait several years. I found the Thinking of Conceiving board a perfect fit and made some wonderful friends. Six months later, he changed his mind. I was thrilled to get to join one the December 2007 board. Since then we've added two more boys and I have been so lucky to share my pregnancies, births, and growing boys with such an amazing group of women. We've moved several times, so I haven't been able to form many long-term friendships in real life. It's so helpful knowing the ladies on here are always around when I need them. Thanks so much.

Sandra aka sandraleigh: My anniversary with Pregnancy.org is November 2006! I was a few months pregnant and decided I wanted to keep an online pregnancy journal so I searched around and found the Pregnancy Journals forum. Within a couple of days, I got a private message from someone who had read my journal, and invited me to join the July 2007 Birth Board. I felt so welcomed and made some wonderful friends! Since then I've posted actively on birth boards for all three of my children, and a handful of other boards as well. Pregnancy.org is so much a part of my daily routine that my husband asks when he gets home from work, "Anything new and exciting on the boards today?" I feel like I know so many of these wonderful women personally even though we have never met. This site is the first place I come for help and answers when I need it!

Kristi aka Minz_Kristi: As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I scoured the web and found Pregnancy.org (luckily!). I've stayed because one day I hope to have another little one. Experiencing the whole pregnancy with other women, to me, was amazing. Any questions I had, there was always someone who could answer for me. When my daughter was in hospital after her birth, the support I got from the ladies was so heart-warming. I don't know, it just feels like a little family and you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy this wonderful community.

Joee aka girlisrad: I had been aching for a little one, and without my husband knowing I started tracking cycles and "planning!" I found Pregnancy.org after trying out a few other places (which were awful). I remember lurking on the February 2008 board PRAYING it would be mine...but I had to wait a few more months, and landed in July 2008 where I made amazing friendships! I was also honored to be part of November 2009...where I did not get to stay, but STILL, again, have amazing friends from there. And my final home, July 2010! The ORG has been my everything these years. This is the place I go for comfort, for laughs, for support. Without it, I am not sure I would be who I am today!

The Later Years 2008 to 2011

Pamela aka MrsHooah2U: I joined the Org shortly after my husband left for his second deployment to Iraq. We were hoping to conceive before he deployed but that did not work He was gone from December 2007 to Feburary 2009 and the Org kept me going. I needed the support of these women to get me through my lonely days. They helped me obsess and dream and keep hope that pregnancy and my husband's return was on my horizon! Then we conceived our son and these girls walked me through him leaving for his third deployment. He deployed for his third and final time, leaving me and our five- month-old son behind to wait. He came home to visit us for his mid-tour break and we got pregnant with our daughter! I have cried with these girls, laughed with this girls and disagreed with them, but most of all, I have formed “mom” bonds that are stronger than those of my IRL friends!