"My" Pregnancy.org Anniversary: Our Members Share

Mary aka marymoonu: I joined Pregnancy.org in early 2008. A soon as I started taking the pill to PREVENT pregnancy, it ignited a gigantic baby fever that has really never faded. I started looking up pregnancy online, and was particularly fascinated by the week-by-week updates on fetal development. On Pregnancy.org, I read article after article on all things pregnancy. I learned how to chart my cycles and ended up quitting the birth control pills I had just started. I wanted to be ready when the time came to start trying! It took a while before I discovered the forums and then I "met" some wonderful girls that I still talk to almost every day. They were there for me through my miscarriage, and I've cried for their losses as well. Since joining, I've had two amazing little boys and have had the pleasure of sharing my pregnancies with other girls, as well as getting to share in their joy all the way from TTC to new baby and beyond.

Leigh aka cactuswren: My Pregnancy.org anniversary is October 2009. After two very early miscarriages, we were trying again, and extra nervous! I was hunting for any and all information and support I could find about TTC after a miscarriage. I found the Pregnancy.org forums, and never looked back. And it turned out I got my positive that very month and was able to move very quickly to the June 2010 birth board, and Birthing Naturally board soon after that. The rest is history! I have even made in-real-life friends on Pregnancy.org. It's a resource that's sustained me through one of the biggest changes in life, and I don't know what I would have done without it!

Wendy aka ange84: December 2009 is my Pregnancy.org anniversary. I had lost my Grandad in October and we had moved back closer to family not long after. I told hubby on our wedding anniversary I wanted to trying to conceive. I started searching the internet for information on charting and getting pregnant. I found a birth board and started posting and now the ladies on my board are like friends or family. This site has been an amazing support from trying to conceive to raising my little man and everything between.

Elizabeth aka yellow.rose.of.canada: I joined in Jan 2010. I was pregnant at the time and had experienced bleeding and was looking for answers. Because of the bleeding, I lurked on the June 2010 board for a few months before being assured of a healthy pregnancy and joining. The women I met on the June 2010 board are amazing. A lot of them are firm believers in natural childbirth, and actually taught me a lot about having a natural childbirth myself. I think I really owe them for that. After having a miscarriage this May, I've gotten to know the girls on the Trying to Conceive After a Loss board. They have been so supportive and encouraging. It's helped me heal from that heartbreak and prepare myself to try again.

Looking Forward to the Future

Pregnancy.org has many wonderful plans in store. We remain committed to our original and on-going mission developed so many years ago. As a "veteran" parenting and pregnancy site, we recognize there's still lots to do together! Thank you for choosing to join our site and being part of our Pregnancy.org family! We invite you to share your own "Pregnancy.org Anniversary" story in the comments below. We alway love to hear from you!

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