A Natural, Unmedicated, Midwife-Assisted Birth

We didn't have a lot of luck at that point because she was still having respiratory problems but it was important to me to have made that initial contact. That is the story of my daughter Fionna's birth.

She had to go to the intensive care nursery for a couple of days because of fluid in her lungs but she was quite healthy and it was more of a precautionary measure.

I did have a 2nd degree tear and required stitching. I also hemorrhaged quite a bit and it took a while to get me feeling back to my old self. Because I had labored completely naturally and didn't have any drugs, I didn't have an IV in. That is partially why they had trouble stopping the bleeding immediately.

But I was soon feeling better and went immediately to the nursery where my mom and husband were with my daughter. We both made a full recovery and were home within three days.

Today she is a thriving little girl and we are a happy family who practice exclusive/extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and any other thing that keeps our little girl happy, healthy and content.

I am very proud of my daughter's birth as I found out that I was indeed strong enough to have the natural birth I had always dreamed of. Also, it definitely reinforced my respect for women who have labored throughout history, in much more primitive conditions than I, to bring forth their own children into the world.

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Wow! I wonder how you would have felt if you had delivered in the water?? Might it have been easier for you?