"How-to" guide for our interactive tools and forums

by Melissa Jaramillo

Welcome to our site! To unlock many of the awesome features and resources we have available on site, you'll need to become a member and join our family! Membership is free!

Registration is easy. From there, follow the instructions and links below to point you in the right direction! Go ahead and bookmark this page for future reference. Before we get to how you can use our tools, here are a few simple steps to go through first.

Become a member - join the family

Since you are "here" reading this article, please look to your left. Near the top you will see a box "Join the Community." Click "create an account" to register! You can also locate the login/register box on the homepage.

Enter your username, password and the email address you want associated with your account. Please complete all the required fields (as indicated by the red asterisk). Scroll to the bottom and click the button, "Create your account" to save! That's it!

What now and where to next?

Upload your profile picture

Once you've logged in through our homepage you'll land on your member page. While our "default gal or guy" is attractive, we know you'd prefer a picture that more accurately depicts you or your interests! Click "Edit," scroll down, upload a profile image. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and save!

Create your member page

This is your personal wall, similar to Facebook. Need instructions? Visit "How can I create my own "wall" member page?" posted in our community.

How do I put a cool custom pregnancy tracker ticker on my webpage or forum signature?

Now that you've learned the news, you can show off your pregnancy to family and friends and track how far you are along at the same time. Countdown and showcase your pregnancy with a personalized ticker by following 4 easy steps!

Customize your ticker and choose from a variety of backgrounds and sliders. Click on the radio button next to your choice in each section. Next, select "Generate Code." It's really that simple! You're now ready to scroll down and grab your preferred version of the code. Copy your personally generated code and paste it into your forum signature, blog or website.

To use in our community, you'll head over to the forums and click on "forum actions" found at the top center in the purple bar. Select "Edit Profile." Choose "Edit Signature" under "My Settings" located in the left-hand column. Insert the codes/text and save!

Connect with other members!

Check out our Community Forums, select the ones that interest you and dive in! You're invited and encouraged to interact throughout the site.

You'll meet members that are at the same stage of your journey as well as those that have "been there, done that"!

Start your own topic by clicking the "Post New Thread" button near the top left of any forum or weigh in on a conversation by opening any thread topic of interest and click the "Reply" or "Reply to Thread" links located at the top or bottom of the post. From there, you'll land in a comment box where you will type your message and click "Enter!"

Use our suite of available tools

Click on "TOOLS" near the top right and then select the one you wish to try first! A few options include our BBT Charting Tool, Pregnancy Calendar, Fetal Development, Videos, and Podcasts.

More resources

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• Visit our Welcome/Help Center to find more of our "Frequently Asked Questions" covered, to submit one of your own, or merely to offer a suggestion or say hello! We love getting to know you!


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This is my first blog1 I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and will start to blog more every day once I get going! Take care.