New Moms Bring Back Sexy

by Ann Douglas

couple and new babyHas your desire for sex gone AWOL ever since you had your baby? Hey, it happens. According to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, anemia, depression, and anxiety -- all common complaints amongst new mothers -- can take their toll on the libido.

And there's no reason to feel guilty about it. Talking to your partner and your doctor about what you're feeling (or not feeling) is the first step to getting your sex life back on track. "It is possible to feel sexy and have a fantastic sex life at all stages of a woman's life," says the SOGC's Dr. Alessandra Graziottin. "Understanding how a woman's body evolves and how physical or environmental factors can affect libido are key to helping women maintain or improve their physical interest and drive in sex."

That assumes, of course, that you're eager to jump-start your libido right now. Some new moms aren't in any rush to bring sexy back. They are feeling swept away by baby bliss...or overwhelmed by the demands of early motherhood...or experiencing a mix of both emotions. If that's how you're feeling, it's important to talk things through with your partner and to find some sexual middle ground (your partner is bound to be hoping that your born-again celibacy is a short-lived stage indeed).

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