Not Everyone Loves Being Pregnant

Yup. This one is true. Sure it is. That pain at 2 a.m. that woke me and caused me to wonder if my body would split in half, the one that robbed me of countless hours of sleep, the one that lasted on into the day and made sitting, standing, or even walking difficult, the one that came back repeatedly at odd times throughout my pregnancy? Nope, that couldn't have been my hips spreading. Could it? Surely a pain centered in that region of my body that was never felt before pregnancy could NOT be associated with the spreading of my hips to allow for a small watermelon to pass through the birth canal? Could it?

5. Frequent urination isn't a *real* problem -- it's a figment of your imagination.
Frankly, I'm not sure what rock those people were living under, but really, they could have thought up something better than this one. The plain truth is that frequent urination IS a problem.

It's a problem when you are in the middle of a 3-hour stretch of driving with no bathrooms in sight. It's a problem when you are out shopping with a woman who drinks gallons of water a day and a 3-yr old who is potty training. It's a problem when you are in a class and supposed to be teaching children they can't leave the room to go potty every five minutes -- kind of hard to enforce when you do the same thing. It's a problem when you are at your favorite restaurant that has awesome food but crappy restrooms. It's a problem when you are at a concert for the Symphony Orchestra and the line at intermission is not only out the door but down the hallway and the only other available bathroom is up a flight of stairs, down a LONG hallway, and in pitch black because that floor of the building isn't being used at the time.

6. Cravings are your body's way of telling you that you need to eat more of certain vitamins.

Yup. And just how many vitamins did I get in that half gallon of hot salsa I downed with that big basket of chips at the Mexican food restaurant last night that gave me the horrible heartburn that caused me to miss out on a good night's sleep? Sure, I could have skipped the salsa, but THAT was what I was craving. I had to have it. There was nothing else I wanted. No, my body didn't need it - my body wanted it and then rejected it. I tell you now that salsa-induced-vomiting burns. It was a craving that caused the problem -- not a need for vitamins and minerals -- just a craving for that tastey hot, hot, hot, hot salsa.

7. Explaining the process to children is easier than you think.
Ok, whoever came up with this statement never taught preschool while pregnant! You must remember that many of these children have never been exposed to a pregnant person on a regular basis. Many of these children have never seen a person's belly grow that much in such a short period of time. Many of these children are too darn curious for their own good!

Lastly, I'd like to throw in a list of the lovely "old wive's tales."
These were lovingly passed on to me during my first pregnancy. Most of them just made me giggle while others made me laugh right out loud. For your reading enjoyment here they are: