Kids' Activity: Oatmeal Clay

by Melissa Jaramillo and Julie Snyder

Kids love to squish, mold, roll and form!

Experimenting with a variety of substances is a natural way to learn about the world; play is your child's scientific method.

It's not only good for the kids though as half hour with a PLAY-DOH™, a Popsicle stick and a small rolling pin can give mom a much needed break.

But PLAY-DOH,™ can get expensive! What's the solution? It's oatmeal clay to the rescue! Not only is it economical, but it is harmless if eaten.

Here's what you need:
•  1/4 cup of water
•  1/2 cup of flour
•  1 cup of oatmeal
•  Optional -- food coloring

Mix flour, water and oatmeal together in a bowl. If the concoction feels sticky add a bit more flour. Turn out on a floured surface and knead for 3 - 5 minutes. (Kids love this part almost as much as playing with it later!) Store in an airtight container.

You can mix in a few drops of food coloring for more clay varieties!

Julie Snyder is a mom of six, interested in kids, pregnancy, birth, people and lives in the outlying Seattle area. Melissa Jaramillo is mom to many. She's passionate about building, encouraging, and strengthening families on this adventure known as parenthood!

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