OBGYN Careers: A Birthday Party Every Day

by Marc Luber of CareersOutThere.com

You've spent lots of time visiting with your OB/GYN for your many medical appointments, but have you had the chance to go behind-the-scenes and get the OB/GYN's perspective on what it's like to be an OB/GYN?

Today on Careers Out There we did that. This video is an excerpt from our interview with Chicago-area OB/GYN Dr. Carmen Woods Hollowell. Carmen and I have been friends since sitting next to each other in the 1st Grade!

We introduced Dr. Woods Hollowell this week in the video where she spoke about the role that being an African American woman has played in her life and her career.

Today she tells us about the "amazing" and incredibly rewarding yet demanding work of being an obstetrician gynecologist. She compares her job to being a detective and explains that there really is no typical day for an OB/GYN. Dr. Woods Hollowell cautions that if you're the type of person who likes a set and structured lifestyle, then being an obstetrician gynecologist is not for you - babies do not arrive at a set time!

Dr. Woods Hollowell walks us through the long road to becoming an OB/GYN, starting with the selection of your high school and college classes. She advises to get a well-rounded background and not just be a science robot.

She discusses the importance of getting good grades, studying hard for the MCAT, selecting a medical school, applying to medical school, getting in to medical school, going to a 4-year med school (or a 6-year program that combines undergrad with med school), selecting a practice focus, the 4-5 year (or possibly 2-8 year) residency phase where you develop your confidence, plus the Board exams and continuing education, finding employment and finally income potential for an OBGYN.

Dr. Woods Hollowell says there are definitely OB/GYN jobs out there because there aren't a lot of obstetrician gynecologists! You just have to find the right fit. Enjoy learning from Carmen.

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