Observe Scrapbooking Day with a Family Crop

by Jackie Hershwitz

ScrapbookingChildren want to do what you're doing. If you're scrapbooking, and the kids are awake, you'll probably find them right at your elbows, eager to help.

Scrapping with your kids accomplishes two goals. It can free up time so you can concentrate on your pages while they're focused on their creations. It can also offer a special time when talk and work together. You and your child come out winners, either way.

Putting together a scrapping box ahead of time can be a fun project all on its own. You might want to include some or all of these items in your child's special box.

✔ Thin cardboard or poster board
✔ Child-safe scissors
✔ Markers or crayons
✔ Material scraps
✔ Bit of lace
✔ Photos
✔ Stickers
✔ Old greeting cards
✔ Old magazines
✔ Sale flyers or catalogs
✔ Wallpaper scraps
✔ Glue stick
✔ If you child is older, buttons and small trinkets

Spend an afternoon looking through your box with your child. Help them cut out pictures or words for their pages. It's okay to help.

On Scrapbooking Day, bring out their special supplies as well as your own. While you prepare your pages, your kids can get busy gluing their favorite memories, trinkets and treasures into their own scrapbooks.

Scrapping with Toddlers

• Choose a time of day when your child is usually excited and rested. First thing in the morning or right after a nap might be the best time to channel your kid's creativity.

• Set up a work area near you. A large tray can help contain the smaller pieces.

• Encourage your tot to choose a few pictures, photos and embellishments from the scrapbooking box. Move on to your page and see what happens.

• Help with the glue stick once the design's in place. Who knows, your tiny artists might create a project a family member will love. Of course, most projects are always cherished, no matter what.

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

• Just like with toddlers, you'll want to chose a time when your child's usually happy and ready for a challenge.

• Let your budding scrapbooker choose the subject and the pictures. Once that's decided, give access to your paper stash and see what gets chosen. You might still need the safety scissors.

• Bring out your bling and turn your child lose with the pictures, paper and accessories, but not the glue. When a basic design's ready, hand over the adhesives. Most kids love attaching things.

• You'll have to help with the page trimmer. Line up the paper in the trimmer and then let your child move the blade.

• Let your child do the journaling if they can write. You might need to draw guidelines to help with word placement. Have a younger child dictate the text.

There you go! A finished page that your child can be proud to show to others. Are you both ready to make another? What are your plans? Do you have a family scrapbooking day already?