Overeating may cause obesity issues for kids later in life

 Overeating may cause obesity issues for kids later in lifeHowever, some women take "eating for two" too seriously, putting their babies at risk of complications later in life, according to The Daily Mail. In fact, a new study showed that expectant mothers who dramatically boost their food intake are more likely to have babies who end up being obese. "Infants who are larger at birth tend to become larger children, and that creates a risk for developing into obese and overweight children and adults," researcher Margie Davenport, M.D., told the news source. The experts found that women who gained weight during the first half of their pregnancies were 2.7 times more likely to have heavier-than-average babies. These infants had about 14 percent body fat when born, demonstrating the connection between obesity and overeating. What should I be eating? As soon as you find out you're expecting, it's in your best interests to speak to your doctor about what you should and shouldn't be eating to maintain the health of your child. He or she might also recommend a prenatal vitamin to help you stay on top of your well-being during this critical period. Some foods that you'll want to make a priority while pregnant include whole grains, produce and lean meats, according to the Mayo Clinic. Foods naturally packed with omega-3 fatty acids are also ideal, as some believe that they can assist in brain development as the baby is forming in the womb. How have you maintained a healthy diet while pregnant? Do you know how to avoid overeating? Leave your feedback in the comments section!