Parenting toddlers - the art of the clean slate

by Sarah Blight

frustrated momI used to laugh in the face of the new year. "Resolutions? Blast. I don't need them!"

That was before kids.

That was before I was humbled beyond recognition.

That was before I desperately needed a clean slate, a "do over," like every five minutes.

That was before I was a parent of a toddler.

The past three years as a parent has been one big huge learning curve with regards to "failings." With each phase of parenting -- the newborn, infant and toddler, the shrieking at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason while in the tampon aisle of Target-age, there are challenges, there are victories, there are cry yourself to sleep because you know you screwed up days. I've learned to cling to the morning after -- the new day -- the clean slate, like never before. It's my new BFF. My go to.

It's comforting knowing that you could totally make a huge parenting arse out of yourself yesterday, and today you're back to being a semi-sane parent, wearing the cape that your child swears you wear each and every day as you swoop to and fro… "Need a wipe? Here you go! Forgot your mittens? Here they are! Hungry? I just happen to have a snack handy! Stuck? Here's my hand! Can't reach the faucet? Here's a boost!" Gosh, Spiderman's got nothing on us. We really ARE superheroes.

I now look forward to new anything. "Minutes? Yes please. Days? Need some. Years? Hook a sister up." If they're new, I'm in. Even though I know that by the time I'm done with them they will be desperately torn, dirty, tattered shreds of "new," they will be messy, walked on and stained. They will contain badly needed lessons and fantastic kick butt intentions. They will be the containers of hope, of promise, of growth and progress. They will be the real deal. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

So that's where I'm at in 2013. I'm in the -- badly needing a new start -- and super stoked to get one-phase of life.

Where are you?

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