Parents-to-be play the waiting game

by Julie Snyder

Impatient parentsParenthood is a waiting game. Even getting started has its own challenges, forcing you to develop patience.

First, you excitedly wait for that perfect ovulation window.

Next, it's that two-week wait...which draaaags out at least three times that amount!

Then, those endless seconds, filled with anxiety as you stare, squinting past the pee on a stick for that glorious line -- or what you think is a line -- announcing that "big fat positive!"

Whew, we're exhausted just thinking about it!

Take a deep breath and rest up. You'll have lots of excitement during the next nine months!

Parents-to-be can hardly wait!

We asked around. Our pregnant parents were exited and ready or past ready for things to happen! They were anxious to know the gender, feel that first movement, find the pickles in the frig, show off an amazing baby bump, get good test results and hold that baby in arms, not in belly! Here's what they had to say.

The first ultrasound

"Seeing that image on the screen is everything we had prayed for. There's a heartbeat and a baby!" Mandy says.

"My first ultrasound was today. I was so nervous before hand, scared we'd see nothing. But there he/she was -- a little heartbeat away. It was so special and I finally feel pregnant! Only 7 weeks but it feels real now." Jenna says.

Boy or girl?

"My gender ultrasound is this Thursday and I am just dying waiting! Oh, my gosh! This waiting is so hard. I probably think about it like 200 times a day," Bailey complains.

Andrea says, "I couldn't wait to find out. It seemed like all the other moms knew before me. My scan wasn't until 20 weeks. I was so excited the night before that I couldn't sleep. I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve."

Feeling the baby move

Rachel says, "I'm just hitting the 15-week mark and still haven't felt the baby move, but this is my first so I'm told I probably won't until week 18 to 20. Plus, I still don't have a real baby bump yet, just looks like I need to do some sit ups!"

"I am 15 weeks today, and I felt a few wiggles last weekend, but haven't felt anything since. Now I am wondering if it was just really convincing gas. I try not to worry yet, just a few more weeks until we'll be getting more kicks than we know what to do with!" Andi shares.

My baby bump

Julie says, "My belly was taking its own sweet time pooching out enough that I could show it off. Week 24 came and went, then 26, then 27 and I just looked pudgy. Then one morning, poof! I was obviously pregnant."

Picking the name

"We are down to two (maybe three because my husband keeps waffling), and having a hard time getting anywhere from there. I'd really like to have it decided in the next week or two. I'm a planner," Rebecca says.

Amber shouts, "Yay for a name! It feels a little more real now that we've decided what to call her."

The birth day

Alison says, "I'm so excited for this baby to come. I love and hate this last part of pregnancy -- knowing that labor could happen at any time and waiting to see what day this baby decides is his or her birthday! Eee! So exciting and nerve wracking all at once!"

"Birth pool in a box! It arrived today. Now it's time for the baby! I can hardly wait to meet her," Carly says.

How about you? Are you especially excited about a pregnancy milestone or event? Share what you can hardly wait for!

Photo courtesty of iStockphoto.