Partner Support During Pregnancy

by Anai Rhoads

Hey, guys! Are you willing to help during pregnancy, but aren't sure exactly what you can do? Try some of these ideas out for fit. Share more ideas in comments.

During pregnancy, the most important thing is having support. A partner can help out a great deal by:

  • Discussing motherhood and parenthood with one another.
  • Go to prenatal classes together. Find social things to do that wouldn't be awkward for the mother-to-be.
  • Go with the mother-to-be to the doctor appointments.
  • Practice breathing exercises and any prenatal exercises with her.
  • Most of all, if she asks you, be with her during the labour to offer your comfort and support.

After pregnancy, support is also very important. Some ways that you could help are:

  • Don't be demanding. A new baby takes a great deal of time.
  • Help the new mother out by making meals, doing laundry,etc.
  • Take the baby for an hour or so, so that if your partner wants she can have a little time to herself.
  • Most of all, if she needs a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk to, be there for her.

Anai Rhoads is a medical and political researcher/writer with a particular interest in the sanctions on Iraq and the wider effect of racism's influence in the Middle East. A vegan since 2000, she is a dedicated supporter of activities which promote animal and human rights. Originally from Greece, she now resides in Virginia, USA with her husband and their two dogs, Bijou and Eva.

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Submitted by Adelvise on

One way to show support is to talk about the baby together. Discuss baby names, what color of hair he/she might have, what you hope they do with their life etc. I think just having conversations about the little baby is so important and makes the mommy feel like their partner is just as excited as they are.