Partner's Guide to the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

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by Sam Holt

The Baby Blues (what is it and what can you do?)

It's very common in the days following birth that your partner will be SUPER emotional and have a day or two where just about anything can set the waterworks in motion.

The baby blues are common mood swings experienced after childbirth. Symptoms usually appear 3 to 4 days after the delivery and can last for several days. Symptoms may include:

  • Mood swings (laughter one minute – tears the next!)
  • Feeling a little depressed
  • Lack of concentration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inability to sleep

Keep an eye out for these symptoms and be as supportive as possible. Remember your partner's body has been through a tough nine months and hormones are rampant. These symptoms should disappear within 10 days.

Postpartum depression is the big sister of the baby blues

Postpartum depression is very real and nothing to be ashamed about. It can affect men as well as women so it's important that you are aware of the warning signs and symptoms. It can be treated with therapy and support -- be on the lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sad and or low or unnatural highs
  • Frequent crying and tearfulness
  • Feelings of restlessness, anxiety or irritability
  • Loss of interest in life & desire to do anything
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleep-related problems
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • Showing little interest in your baby

Postpartum depression can set in anytime within six months of childbirth. If you, or your partner, experience these symptoms you should contact your family doctor. Dealing with postpartum depression, whether it be you or your partner, can be very difficult and professional help is strongly recommended.


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