Passover Crafts for Kids

by Tia Douglas

Passover CraftsIntroduce your child to the Passover traditions with these holiday crafts.

These activities let the kids mess around with "big people" art stuff while learning about the important stories and lessons of the holiday. Having fun and getting educated is always a bonus!

Your kids will end up creating a one of a kind item, either for themselves or as a treasured gift for other family members.

These new treasure could even be used during the traditional meal referred to as the "Sedar." Such nachas!

Decorate an Afikomen Bag

Hunting for the afikomen might be the highlight of Passover meal for the kids. Imagine how much easier it will be to find and demand a prize for its safe return when it's hidden in special afikomen bag created by one of those children.

What you'll need:
✓ Piece of fabric, 12 inches by 24 inches
✓ Needle and thread
✓ White craft glue
✓ Stickers or templates of components of the Kearah
✓ Paints and brush
✓ Glitter pens
✓ Brightly colored, cloth napkin
✓ Newspaper

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Sew the sides of the fabric, leaving the top open like a pocket. With a younger child, you might use felt and glue the sides together.

Place a folded piece of newspaper in the bag so the front and back don't accidentally get glued together. Use other pieces of newspaper to protect your work surface.

Have your child arrange the templates on the bag. Once they're happy, secure with place with tape (the template, not the child). Paint the area inside the templates. Set aside to dry.

Decorate the rest of your bag using colored glitter pens. Add dots, swirls and circles.

When dry, replace the newspaper with a bright and vibrant folded napkin to wrap the matzah. Happy hunting!

Design a Spring Seder Plate

What do an egg, greens, dried fruit goodness and a lamb shank have it common? They're all part of the Seder feast. Make your own Seder plate to celebrate the Jewish Passover. Paint it green as a reminder of spring and the good times ahead.

What you'll need:
✓ One round sturdy paper plate
✓ Paint and brush
✓ Six circles or bottle caps
✓ Markers, crayons, stickers, clay or figures
✓ Craft glue
✓ Glitter
✓ Black marker

Paint the plate green for spring, silver as a remembrance of freedom or another color. Set it aside to dry. Paint the inside circles or caps same shade and set them aside to dry.

Once your plate and muffin cups are dry, write the names, draw a picture or glue a figure representing each Passover symbol inside a circle or cap: roasted bone, egg, bitter herbs, greens, charoset and karpas (onion, potato or sprig or parsley).

Arrange the six items around the outside of your plate using a small dab of white craft glue. If your plate is small, glue the cups onto the rim of the plate so you'll have more space to decorate. Set aside to dry.

Write "Seder Plate" in glue and add a few scattered glue dots. Then cover the glue with glitter. After a few minutes, shake off the excess.

Add stickers and other decorations to finish your plate.

Make a Passover Place Mat

Here's a chance to play with markers, glue and glitter to make a one-of-a-kind holiday place mat. Your child might also learn a bit of Hebrew while tracing or stamping letters.

What you'll need:
✓ 1 8 1/2 x 14 piece of paper
✓ Stamps, stickers, markers, gel pens, confetti
✓ Glue
✓ Clear contact paper

Choose a theme or allow your child to run with their creativity. You can trace pictures from a coloring book or outline letters and symbols. Another option is to take advantage of the many great Jewish rubber stamps showing up in craft stores. Stamp directly onto the paper and fill in the design with gel pens or markers.

Get out the glue and bling! When your child's creation is complete, set it aside to dry. Then encase in clear Contact™ paper or if you have access to a laminating machine, laminate.

What kinds of treasures are your wee ones making? Tell us about it!

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