Personalized Birth Announcement Cards

by Rachel Brooks

announcementWant to share your exciting news the personal way? Send out personalized birth announcement cards to your friends and family – even your neighbors!

For those who don't have the time nor patience to get covered in paper glue and glitter, there are great sites which offer the possibility to create truly unique birth announcement cards -- you can upload pictures of your new pride and joy, and create a gorgeous memorabilia, which some people (your mum) will probably end up framing!

What Do They Look Like?

Well, where to start? They look however you want them to look! Whether you want folded or flat, one sided or double side, square or rectangular, big or get the picture! There are lots of online sites which specialize in birth announcement cards, and they have some fabulous designs! You can go for soft and cute or bold and striking, elegant and traditional or modern and simple, a design with photos or without. It's really up to you!

Do I Have to Use a Photo?

This is entirely up to you but it does make for a much nicer keepsake should you include a photo. You can either use one large photo or lots of small ones; a photo of your baby the day they are born, or several showing the first few weeks/months of their life. Everyone loves to see baby pictures. It gives your family a chance to see your new bundle of joy, and will be appreciated by all -- especially your loved ones who live far away, and can't be there in person.

When Should I Send Them?

As soon after your baby's birth as possible. Although they do make a lovely keepsake, your birth announcement cards serve first and foremost to spread your exciting news far and wide. The longest you should wait is really 6 months or so.

What Do I Write?

This is completely up to you. You can write something creative and poetic, or simple and straightforward.

Typically, it's best to include a short introductory phrase such as "We are delighted to announce the birth of", the baby's first and middle names, followed by the baby's birth date, weight and length. Sign the card with the parents' names, and any siblings' names.

Remember, these birth announcement cards will be the first impression that your little one makes to the world around them so make it a lasting one.

Oh, and Before We Forget...

Why not thank your friends and family for their kind thoughts and/or gifts with a personalized thank you card. You could incorporate both occasions (announcement and thank you) and create a single card which serves to thank your friends and family, as well as introducing your new bundle of joy.

Rachel Brooks from Planet-Cards is the helping hand that helps you create your own personalised cards! Whether you're looking for birth announcement cards, thank you cards, birthday invites or christening invitations. Just stop by, have a look and get creative!

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