Plan ahead for a healthy baby

✓ Avoid bug killers, week killers and other pesticides in your home or garden. Focus on preventive techniques or use non-toxic options.
✓ Replace plastic shower curtains with fabric curtains and avoid vinyl mattress covers and blow up furniture.
✓ Get rid of foam furniture that is frayed or crumbling.
✓ Try green cleaning recipes that use liquid soap, baking soda or vinegar or use safer brands like Seventh Generation and Bi-O-Kleen.
✓ Leave your shoes at the door. You'll avoid spreading pollutant around the floor.
✓ Vacuum and dust once a week. Toxic chemical can build up on household dust.
✓ Open the windows. Airing out your home for just a few minutes a day can vastly improve your indoor air quality.

Choosing safer personal care products:
✓ Choose fragrance-free products. Consider giving up perfumes, hair dye and nail polish which may contain harmful chemicals.
✓ Choose cosmetics from companies committed to safer products. You can explore products and ingredients on the "Cosmetic Safety Database."
✓ Avoid hand soaps marketed as antibacterial.
✓ If you can, choose clothing, shoes and boots made with rubber and vinyl-free fabrics over Gore-Tex or other teflon chemicals.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.