Play with Your Kids

What will happen when you establish a spirit of play with your kids is that you will find that it will become easier and easier to talk with them. When people are in the act of playing it is almost impossible to be silent. The natural talk that surrounds play will break the ice. Once the talk becomes natural it becomes much easier to talk about important topics. When play becomes a regular part of life in your family then, when feel you have something that you really need to talk to your kids about it will not seem so odd or forced. You will have established a communication channel via the interaction of playing with your kids! In the meantime you will have had a delightful time laughing and playing with someone you love -- your kids!

Mac Bledsoe, President and Founder of Parenting with Dignity, one of America's most effective and highly acclaimed parent education curriculums. Mac has traveled the nation speaking to parents and teaching how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids. He has now spoken in every one of the fifty states. He is the author of book and video series, Parenting with Dignity: The Early Years. A former teacher, he and his wife live in Montana.

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