Postpartum Nutrition for the New Mom


Ayurvedic medical texts say that the six week postpartum period represents an opportunity to reset all systems for ideal health. The choices made during this 42 day "Sacred Window" are said to effect women for the next 42 years.

Dairy options supplement the primarily vegetarian diet. Foods are cooked with more water and oil. They tend to use warming spices and sweetness is honored in rejuvenating snacks. Digestive chewing herbs are offered after meals. Herbal teas support lactation and cellular regeneration.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

For over 3000 years, women in China have been given a "golden month" to rest, recover and gain their health after birthing a child.

New mothers are encouraged to eat frequent small meals that focus on nourishing and supporting vital organs. Some of the foods traditionally eaten include chicken, leafy green vegetables, eggs, raisins, sweet rice and dried longan fruit. Herbs such as motherwort and Dong Quai are cooked into a chicken soup.

Nurturing and nourishment during the postpartum period can mean a happier and healthier you for life. Take care of yourself! You're worth it.

What have been your biggest challenges during this time in your life?

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