Potty Training 101: Techniques, Tricks and Tips

• Being well-prepared and comfortable is the key
• Eliminate all distractions, even siblings
• Push drinking liquids so your child needs to go every few minutes

Naked Training Method

With no diapers, pull-ups or underpants to stand in the way, your child is ready at all times for nature's call. Spend a weekend or two diaper-free. Some kids quickly get the idea.

• Simplifies training for the child
• Great for the summer
• No planning or expense

• It's messy
• Child can be confused about pottying when wearing clothes

• Bring the potty outside -- there's less mess and you'll be more relaxed
• If your child has trouble making it to the bathroom, bring the potty chair nearer to the play area

Is your toddler ready to train or already in "big kid" clothes? What's working for you? Share your tips and tricks with us!