Potty Training with Cloth Diapers

potty trainingPotty training is something that every child will encounter. When cloth diapering the transition to regular underwear is a bit more natural. I've potty trained two children so far with one more little one to train in the next year.

When my boys approached the age of 3 I started the process of potty training by adapting their cloth diapers. I typically used pocket diapers with stay dry material against my toddler's skin. When potty training approached I would put the insert on the outside of the pocket so my toddler could feel wetness against his skin. After my boys turned three I took several concentrated days where I focused on potty training. I put my boys in sweat pants that were easy for them to pull up and down with no underwear or diaper underneath. I brought out a potty chair into their play area and gave them chances to sit on it. Accidents were common especially the first day. One son caught on quickly and took only a day to figure out what he was supposed to do. The other son took about three days to get the hang of it.

Once the potty chair started to be used for it's intended purpose we ventured further away from the potty chair. When we were further away from the potty chair I put my son in a cloth diaper training pant. I'd put my son in a training pant like Kushies Taffeta Training Pant or a Bummis Training Pant. I love the prints on the Kushies Taffeta Training Pants. The prints are so colorful and cute and now they have adorable retro colors. I really liked the fit of the Bummis Training Pants. The leg and waist have soft and stretchy lycra to make the pants more comfortable. I would make sure to give my son frequent opportunities to sit on the potty, but used the training pants to help catch leaks. Because we were not near the toilet accidents happened. But scheduling frequent potty breaks helped my son "remember" to go while he was playing. Over a period of weeks we were able to move to underwear. I liked to start out with the Imse Vimse Training Pants. These training pants fit like underwear, but they are absorbent and are a great choice for a child's first underwear.

Potty training when we were out and about was a totally different issue. When we first started potty training I would put my sons in a diaper when we left the house. Our trips were usually short so this worked fine. Once my boys had success at home and accidents became less frequent we put them in a cloth training pant when we were out of the house. After success with those we moved on to underwear with potty breaks as necessary.

Potty training at night was quite different. I kept my boys in their regular nighttime diaper - aFuzzi Bunz stuffed with two Hemparoo Fleece Prefolds. I stopped putting nighttime diapers on one son when the diaper was consistently dry in the morning. He was around age four at that time. The second son was not consistently or even often dry by the time he was five. At that point we went cold turkey with the diapers and woke him once or twice a night to use the bathroom. Accidents happened, but with less and less frequency. By the time that son neared the age of six there were no more accidents and no more need to wake him at night.

Potty training has been fun. I was surprised how it was quite different between my two boys. I look forward to training my daughter next year.

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