Preemies: Coming Home, A Month-to-Month Guide

  • Could begin crawling, will go both forwards and backwards
  • Makes bouncing movement with legs when held up
  • Likes putting toes into mouth
  • Develops depth perception and is intrigued with very small objects
  • Vocalizes to get attention, toys and generally to socialize
  • Puts arms up to be picked up
  • Is fascinated by his reflection in a mirror
  • Noisy and rolling toys are becoming favorite

9th Month

  • Crawls easily and can stand holding onto something stable
  • Is very adept at using forefinger and thumb to pick up objects
  • Can find partially hidden objects and may start to stack blocks
  • Vocalizes even more
  • Is shy with people she doesn't know
  • Makes attempts to feed herself and is getting good at finger foods
  • May become quite possessive of toys
  • Likes toys with music, that pop-up, or have dials
  • Is very adept at picking up Cheerios

10th Month

  • Crawling becomes the preferred method of mobility
  • Likely attempts to climb up and down stairs
  • Both sides of his body now do the same thing
  • Is able to roll or throw a ball or toy
  • Likes putting small toys into containers
  • Can find hidden objects
  • Capable of stacking two blocks
  • Is good at imitating sounds like laughing and coughing
  • Says "bye-bye"
  • Is beginning to understand the concept of "no"
  • Will respond to his name
  • Likes music and might "sing" along
  • Pat-A-Cake is a favorite game

11th Month

  • Can pull herself to standing using something stable
  • Climbs stairs by himself while supervised
  • Will use a push toy or an adults hand to take a few steps
  • Likes books and attempts to turn pages
  • Throwing objects becomes a favorite pass time
  • Sometimes will follow a simple command
  • Her burbling sounds start to actually sound like words
  • Will amuse herself with her own toys for longer periods of time
  • Pots, pans and spoons become favored toys along with balls and push toys

12th Month

  • Walks without help (but can be as late as 18 months)
  • Can stoop down from a standing position and stand up again
  • Smiles at his mirror image
  • Becomes very imitative of others gestures and facial expressions
  • Perfects the pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) for picking up objects
  • Knows her own name and her parents names
  • Attempts to follow instructions
  • Can drink from a cup and is trying to use a spoon
  • May know a few simple words and uses them properly (mama, dada, cat, ball)
  • Ride-on toys are a big hit along with books, stacking toys and sorting toys

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