Pregnancy and Childbirth with the Alexander Technique

Amy Likar is a freelance musician and an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher in the Bay Area of California. "The Alexander Technique has been part of my life since 1992 when I had my first experience of the freedom and ease of movement the Technique could offer me. In 1999 when I became pregnant with my first child, I was in the midst of my teacher training to become an Alexander Technique teacher. I now have two children. My first child was born naturally without any pain relieving drugs. My second child was an emergency cesarean section because unfortunately I became gravely ill with meningitis during my 38th week of pregnancy. In both pregnancies and birth experiences the Alexander Technique improved my quality of life."

Constance Clare-Newman is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher with a private practice in Oakland and San Francisco. Constance also teaches classes for actors at A.C.T. and Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Constance is the Co-chair of the Marketing and Media committee of AmSAT.

About AmSAT:
The American Society for the Alexander Technique is the largest professional association of certified Alexander Technique teachers in the United States. AmSAT's mission is to define, maintain, and promote the Alexander Technique at its highest standard of professional practice and conduct.


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    I wish I had this book during my pregnancy. The information in this book is so informative and the exercises are excellent.
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    A good overview of the Alexander Technique and how to apply the principles to pregnancy and childbirth.
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    Again, another good book with informative illustrations on how to use physioballs.

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