Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

by Greg Molis

Chiropractic care has also entered the field of pregnancy. A lot of people may have reservations about chiropractic treatments in such delicate conditions but this is not the case. In fact you may throw away any doubts that you may have and go with a free heart to have such treatments because they are very beneficial and result in a healthy pregnancy and in turn an easy delivery leading to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy puts enormous pressure on the mother. Not only does she have to suffer weight gain and its repercussions but it also brings about a range of hormonal changes and chemical reactions in the mother. All these changes are coordinated through the nervous system. Very often pregnant women also develop a different walking style towards the end of their pregnancy due to the pressure of the baby's weight on their on the spine and pelvis.

Adjustments made during chiropractic treatment result in easier pregnancy and delivery, reduced labor and delivery time. It also helps mothers to get back into their original level of health at a faster rate. According to some study conducted, the mothers receiving chiropractic treatment during first pregnancy had 24% shorter labor times than the women not receiving such care. Also 84% of women reported relief from back pain during pregnancy because of Chiropractic treatment. While on Chiropractic care there are less chances of getting back labor because the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis function better with chiropractic care.

You can gauge the safety of these chiropractic treatments from the fact that they are even administered to newborn babies to cure any subluxations that they may have suffered during birth or from being constrained in the womb. Here of course the thrust that is administered is very, very mild. If you don't feel that the newborns need such treatment you will be surprised to know that in 10 to 20% of the cases the newborn babies suffer from birth trauma.

A lot of times the subluxations go unnoticed in the newborn babies and develop into other ailments such as infections, colic, allergies, asthma, frequent colds, or ADD/ADHD. Therefore it is important to carefully check the newborn babies for it and cure them if they are suffering from it. Even in relatively easy deliveries these subluxations could occur. In fact the mothers who receive chiropractic care have less chances of their babies having subluxations.

Pregnancy is a normal and routine condition of a woman's body and should remain healthy even during this time. Your chiropractor will even guide you about your diet, and exercise related to you pregnancy condition.

Dr. Molis has been a Chiropractor since 1979.

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