Pregnancy and Contact Lenses

by Caitlyn Stace

eyeHaving problems with your contact lenses during pregnancy? Experiencing a change in your vision and eyes? Don't worry. This happens to almost all pregnant women.

Your body is changing to be able to cope with delivering a baby within 9 months. Just as your feet may swell and your hormone levels could spike, your eyes might change shape, too.

In fact, due to blood pressure irregularities during pregnancy, the eyes may actually "swell" as well.

Neither the swelling nor fluctuating blood pressure is hazardous to you or your baby. It is merely a natural process to prepare your body for months of pregnancy and childbirth.

The specific reason why your eyes may change shape is unclear but nonetheless, it is a natural occurrence that you will have to cope with.

If you are used to wearing contact lenses, you may start to feel a certain discomfort as your eyes change shape. Often pregnant women visit their optician or eye doctor with complaints of dry eyes and ill-fitting contact lenses.

Unfortunately, there is no long-term solution for these issues. There are no operations or surgeries worth considering, since your pregnancy indicates a significant risk factor.

Also, as your eyes and cornea may go back to their original shape after the pregnancy, we are looking for a solution that will correct your vision temporarily.

Option 1: Eye glasses

One obvious solution is going back to eye glasses. It is important that you schedule an eye examination before buying a new pair of glasses; since the shape of your eyes has changed, your vision (or refractive power) may be different.

Option 2: New contacts

If you prefer to wear contacts, you must get your eyes checked. Your optician can measure your refractive power and help you select a new pair of contacts that will fit your eyes and correct your vision during pregnancy.

But remember, after nine months when you body is recovering from the pregnancy your eyes may go back to their original shape, meaning your vision could change yet again. So make sure to schedule another eye examination after the baby is born.

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