Pregnancy - His First Trimester Worries

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by Sam Holt

During the first trimester he's not going to be able to see any real evidence that a baby actually exists so if he's starting to freak out it's likely to be about intangible things. Here's a list of common concerns for first time dads during the first trimester.

Money and Finances
Just about all guys think that having a baby is financially crippling. If he hasn't spent much time around people with kids he may not understand the lifestyle changes that you will make. Watching Being Dad will help him and so will making an appointment with a financial adviser to start getting your affairs in order. Estate planning, insurance (health, income etc) are all best addressed early to ease both of your fears and anxieties.

His Space
How will having a baby affect his space? Will there be room for all his stuff, the games room or home office? Talk to him about the adjustments that need to be made around the house and start making them slowly.

The Car
Having a baby doesn't mean that you need a mini-van but you may need to look at your car and ensure it's roadworthy, has the necessary safety features and has a trunk big enough to fit a stroller. Maybe he wants the van and you want to keep the sports car. Whatever the case, maybe it's time to review the features of your car and discuss the need (or not) for a new one.

Your Relationship
What will it mean to your relationship now that you are pregnant? Watch our video blog titled "Preparing Your Relationship for Parenthood" and start talking about the changes ahead.

He may seem to be concerned about becoming a dad and may be taking the news well but chances are, somewhere in that vacuous grey matter are genuine fears that will surface. Start communicating and planning. You are going to need it.


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