Pregnancy - His Second Trimester Worries

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by Sam Holt

The second trimester brings a bump and a few other telling signs that you are carrying a real person and it's starting to hit home with your guy that he really is going to be a dad.

This is what he may be worried about for the coming months:

Sex: Will you ever have it again?
We've created a few blogs on sex during pregnancy that chronicle the issues guys can have with sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a great time to re-invigorate your sex life so make the most of your last few months alone together and at the same time put his fears to rest...or bed...or both!

Weight Gain: Yours and his
Yes we are shallow. Excessive weight gain is bad for the baby and your health. Eating well and exercise is only sensible and it's a good way for you to both feel like you are helping the baby grow and develop by providing an optimum environment.

He is likely to "go out in sympathy" and share in your cravings and lack of desire to exercise. Put together an exercise plan for the coming months and stick to it. Birth is a physical feat of stamina and endurance so the fitter you are the easier it will be and once the baby comes the faster you will both recover and deal with less sleep.

Responsibility: Is he responsible enough to be a father?
Probably not. Just kidding. You are probably having similar thoughts or thinking will I be a good mom. Talk together about what sort of parents you'd like to be and of your expectations of one another.

It's easy to put these types of conversations off but if you do address it you'll be much better prepared when the baby arrives. Being Dad is a terrific conversation starter. Buy a copy from and watch it together.

The In-laws
How well do you get along with his parents and he yours? If you live in the same city there is a good chance you'll be seeing a lot more of them, especially if your baby is going to be the first grandchild. You may need to discuss acceptable boundaries for visitations and involvement. You only need to look at the community posts and forums to see that the dreaded mother-in-law can cause plenty of problems!


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